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It is a blend of modern systematic acquaintance composition of physiology and traditional medical science. It utilizes combination of rhythmic acupressure and body rocking stretches to relive pain. This technique is considered the best to improve blood circulation of the body. This healing method can be categorized in – full body routines and localized therapy. It can last in between 30 minutes to 2 hours.


Thai massage is a traditional method of healing for that help in relieving stress and pain of muscles. It is considered an effective treatment of back pain, stiff neck, and shoulder pain and sports injuries.



Thai massage has been used successfully by both Eastern and Western practitioners to relieve mental tension, stress, tiredness and headache. Thai massage is also used to promote general health care, relieve stiff necks and shoulders, improve muscle tone and boost energy levels. It revives muscular stress and allows more blood to be carried throughout the body.
Our service range includes but not limited to –

Benefits of Thai massage

* Improvement of bodily and emotional strain Release and recreation of muscles
* Enhanced suppleness
* Relief from common muscular pains
* Pick up motion and stimulate the lymphatic system

Classic Thai Massage starts with a paraffin bath to the feet. Now the massage flows into a combination of deep-pressure point massage and yoga stretches. Later deep strokes are applied with warm lotion and herbal relieve pain balm. As an oh-so comforting ending, hot packs are applied.

                                Classic Thai Massage Service

Level 1    Traditional Thai Therapeutic Massage     65-Minute:        $ 79          

Personalized massage – customized to your needs and focuses on areas where you need it most.

Level 2    Traditional Thai Therapeutic Massage     95-Minute:        $ 119

Whole body massage – designed to focus on all the parts of your body for a true, complete, traditional Thai Massage in San Francisco.

Level 3    Tradition Thai Therapeutic Massage       125-Minute        $ 159

Luxurious massage – Combines the needs of your focused areas and entire body, and also Reflexology  therapeutic foot massage.

65-Minute Reflexology Thai foot massage:     $ 69

The best of Foot Massage San Francisco.

It is a relaxing therapy that works by giving gentle foot massage. Our experts know how to detect the inequity in the body. They work on just right points on the feel to revive tension of whole body. Try our Foot Massage San Francisco services, we will make you feel relaxed and calm.

Reflexology San Francisco is our forte. We combine Thai massage with foot massage – its cover the whole body. It helps you to get rid off from foot pain. It takes approximately one and a half hour. With our reflexology San Francisco services, you can relieve all stress and can strengthen the immune system. This treatment flushes out all kinds of toxins of the body.

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Arrival Time
Here at Leelawadee Thai Classic Massage, we request our guests to reach 15 minutes earlier to the appointment. It allows us to welcome you and complete all the formalities obligatory to adapt just perfect healing program depending on your specific requirements.

Cancellation Policy
You are free to cancel the appointment as per your convenience. To cancel the appointment you need to inform us 3 hours before at least. We will not charge anything in such case. But, if we don’t get an advance note to cancel the appointment, we regard it as confirmed. If an appointment is canceled after 3 hours, we charge $30 per hour/per person. This policy is applicable for all our clients including gift card and credential controllers.

Late Coming
We allow our clients to make maximum use of our services during the appointment. You will get full time for each service as per your needs. However, if you arrive late, it can limit our capability to provide you the best possible services. We can’t adjust other appointments because of late arrivals. You have to pay us in full. Yes, you can change the time of appointment with an advance notice.