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Dear The Clien't,

Ron's traveling for vacation to Thailand and will be back on July 8th 2019.

How our customer tell on Yelp!

Ron is one of the few massage therapists I return to.  The deals on his site make massages much more affordable.

Unlike some massage therapists, you don't have to tell him what you need.  He has an uncanny knack for which part of your body, mind, and spirit need work.  Several times I've seen him, he'd say something specific that he could not have known about what's happening in my life.  And he has very spiritual advice.

Bonus: he doesn't stop working on a knot until he truly loosens it up.  FROM  J.C San Francisco.

Ron is a lifesaver – best masseuse I’ve ever had. He knows how the muscles and body should be aligned and easily identifies knots and how to get them out. I’ve gone to the best massage places in NYC, LA and now San Fran and he easily tops them all (and this is a person who gets massages weekly). My knots in my shoulders and neck were so bad from working at a computer all day and sitting that I’ve had to get massages and acupuncture regularly.

I’ve gone to Oxygen massage therapy here in SF and many other places to get a deep tissue and while they can easily identify knots, they don’t know how to *really* get them out. Soothe the pain for a week? Yes. But permanently getting out the knots in my shoulders? Didn’t seem like anyone would ever be able to do that./ From Kamy K.

Ron is the first person who is so skilled that he actually knows how to completely remove knots. In just 4 sessions, Ron worked them out. I don’t know how he’s done it, but this is an incredible feat. As prior reviewers have said, at times it was a bit painful but I just breathed through it and Ron is a genius at figuring out the point at which it’s too painful to handle and moves on. He also goes way over the time allotted if he needs to finish his work. My whole posture is completely different now and I’m not in constant pain.

Can’t recommend him enough if you need some real bodywork done.

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Cancellation Policy
You are free to cancel the appointment as per your convenience. To cancel the appointment you need to inform

us 3 hours before at least. We will not charge anything in such case. But, if we don’t get an advance note to cancel the appointment, we regard it as confirmed. If an appointment is canceled after 3 hours, we charge $30 per hour/per person. This policy is applicable for all our clients including the gift card and credential controllers.

Arrival Time

Here at Leelawadee Thai Classic Massage, we request our guests to reach 15 minutes earlier to the appointment. It allows us to welcome you and complete all the formalities obligatory to adapt just perfect healing program depending on your specific requirements.

Late Coming

We allow our clients to make maximum use of our services during the appointment. You will get full time for each service as per your needs. However, if you arrive late, it can limit our capability to provide you the best possible services. We can’t adjust other appointments because of late arrivals. You have to pay us in full. Yes, you can change the time of appointment with an advance notice.

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