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The old saying goes that life is not a bed of roses. It is exceptionally true for every one of us constantly harangued by the daily needs and necessities of life. We always forget to take care of the two most precious vessels that make anything possible, our body and our mind. Here at Leelawadee Thai Classic Massage, we provide the means of letting you be one with your body and soul through one of the best therapeutic Thai massage services to be offered in San Francisco. Our the best massage San Francisco are infused with a blend of holistic and therapeutic healing, a rejuvenating combination of traditional Thai massage with neuromuscular massage, oil massage, reflexology massage, shiatsu massage, foot massage San Francisco and therapeutic massage union square San Francisco along with a host of other unique techniques specially designed to make you feel at bliss. Our massages are serviced by our highly skilled therapeutic practitioners who are dedicated to make your unwanted stress and worries go away.

Our massages are especially beneficial to those who have experienced depression, anxiety, stress, sleeping problems, headache or migraines, neck pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain, muscular pain, or post stroke recovery. At Leelawadee Thai Classic Massage, we ensure you nothing less but the best in quality in all spheres of service to be found in San Francisco. So remember, if you are in stress and do not feel at rest, come to Thai Massage SSF, for we know what is best for your body, mind and soul!

Entrenched in the Indian Ayurvedic medical, Thai Massage is one of many varieties of Oriental framework supported on energy stability theory of fitness and curing. This medical practice works on energy lines that run all through the body. Our main aim is to synchronize the body by loosing power obstacles. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable experts help in performing stretching of different joints, muscles and sinews. To release stress of muscles, pressure is applied on different energy points of the body.

Being a reputed and the best Thai massage San Francisco Center, our main focus is to provide mobility, increase blood flow and enhance litheness. We will make you feel relaxed and stress-free with the Best massage San Francisco services.

If you would like to experience a difference in your life, our team of skilled and experienced therapeutic practitioners will offer their expertise that makes for a most worthwhile and health-improving practice.

Allow us to offer you a tailor made Thai massage for you!

The History of Classic Thai Massage

According to classic Thai massage medicine, physical problems result from the blockages in the flow of energy throughout the body. At Leelawadee the unique approach of classic Thai massage blended with
subtle techniques of other massages is used to release these blockages, helping eliminate the causes of pain and discomfort. This results in the clearing of bad energies in the body as well as total relaxation. Our goal is provide the truest form of relaxation by creating equilibrium between the body and the mind.

LeeLaWaDee Thai Classic Massage Testimonials from Yelp !

“The absolute best massage ever. All I could do at the end of the massage was give him a hand clap applause. I felt brand new.   If you need a good massage with good service try this one.” - Raenette S.

“If you like Thai massages then you have to try Ron.  If you’ve never had one then what are you waiting for? It feels great and the utility value is huge.  I had a strained muscle in back that would not heal and after one hour, all better.   I’ve been to other Thai places in town and I have to say that Ron is the most professional and really knows what he’s doing.  Plus, unlike most other places, you don’t have to hear other people moaning and groaning around you.  His use of hot towels, balms and instruction throughout the massage really help you feel better afterwards.” – Corey V.

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